Tori BLK releases Part 1 of her Music Videos for The Fools Heart EP

by | Jun 3, 2022

I am super excited to announce PART 1 of 4 of The Fools Heart Musical Story Book. The Fools Heart follows the story of a young woman falling in love and being rejected for the first time in her life. Rejection hurts and I always wanted to tap into this subject through my music and be able to take my music and showcase it visually as well. The music videos will be following the track order of the EP that is now available to purchase on all major distribution platforms such as Apple Music and Amazon Music. I also have a limited edition run of exclusive The Fools Heart CD’s with a bonus 4-panel booklet. You can get a fans-only signed copy when you order through my website!

Check out the music video for SLOWER by Tori BLK Below:

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